Refer to the Integrity Commission file Opera House

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - confirmed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Abdul Karim Abtan, refer the Opera House building file to the Integrity Commission as a result of suspicions of corruption.

Said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Hashim al-Musawi earlier that the reform package presented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi need to support and unite the House of Representatives and the Council of the Iraqi judiciary and executive bodies for the success of its implementation.

He Abtan's (IMN) that "the Commission considers that there is a marked reluctance in the completion of the Opera House building, explaining that" 19 billion dinars were spent on this file, and achievement rates are almost non-existent on the ground. "

He continued that "the Commission referred a number of corruption files to the public prosecutor and the Integrity Commission," noting our "Iraqis are determined to recover funds and the advancement of the country."

And it was supposed to include the project Opera House Almtlki four main buildings in addition to the huge expanses of green open spaces with parking and towers include buildings (Iraqi Opera House building and the building of the Ministry of Culture and building house safe for translation, publishing and building training to the Iraqi symphony.

It was hoped to complete the project falls within the Baghdad capital of Arab culture for 2013.