Economist calls for the development of an emergency plan to stabilize the Iraqi dinar
Date: 08/31/2015
13:41 Information / special / ..
Called economic expert, Mohammed Abdul-Zahra, on Monday, the central government for an urgent financial plan to control the stability of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
He said Venus told / information / that "the survival of the financial situation for what it is, especially since the country live a severe financial crisis represented delay staff salaries and delays in the implementation of projects and the lack of financial liquidity," noting that "those things have contributed and contribute to the instability of the Iraqi dinar against the the dollar. "
Abdul-Zahra and stressed the need to "put the government for urgent financial plan in order to avoid falling into a major crisis in the Iraqi economic." Finished / 25 https://translate.googleusercontent....5EE0Qnp-xuzUTg