Interior return more than 11 billion dinars to the state treasury
By Shirin Dawood Two hours ago 08-31-2015

Roudao - Erbil

The Office of Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, on Monday, more than a re-(11.5) billion dinars to the state treasury and to prevent wastage of 184 billion dollars, adding that he recommended the return of (570) billion dinars, during the last six years.

According to a ministry statement seen by Roudao network media, said that "the money that returned the office to the state treasury from 2009 to the end of July this year amounted to (11,525,828,696), while the recommended funds amounted return them during that period (569,474,182,349), as well as hit prohibited funds from waste for the same period (184,413,958,681) dinars. "

The statement said that "the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry issued a statement the way it illustrates the overall activities of the regulatory issues of corruption and audited for decades to the ministry, which has been the discovery of cases of corruption, financial and administrative which, consequent impact recovery funds other and prevent waste and recommended other return to the state treasury."