2000-strong military: US ground forces to liberate from the grip of Anbar ISIS 8/31
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Thread: 2000-strong military: US ground forces to liberate from the grip of Anbar ISIS 8/31

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    2000-strong military: US ground forces to liberate from the grip of Anbar ISIS 8/31

    2000-strong military: US ground forces to liberate from the grip of al-Anbar «Daash»


    Iraqi official about the intention of the US Department of Defense Send a private combat troops to participate in the support of the Iraqi army in the face of «Daash» for the Liberation of the terrorist al-Anbar province, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper revealed.

    LONDON (Agencies)
    An official in the government of Anbar yesterday that the «US military recommended their reports and proposed to send US combat forces numbering in the first phase to the military in 2000 to fight in Anbar and achieve a significant and decisive victory over Daash terrorist, especially with the emergence of data on the ground show the inability of Iraqi forces to achieve a breakthrough important and significant in the battle. »
    He added that «the American idea to send combat troops to Anbar will be dependent on the nature of the current fighting for the Liberation of Ramadi, in the case of this battle stalled by the middle or end of next month, could take the decision by US President Barack Obama fighting participate wild for the first time in the war on Daash terrorist and that the United States is now considering a different way to deal with the Iraqi-Syrian border and therefore there is a future direction for the deployment of US troops on the border and perhaps the subject is relevant to the nature of the conflict in Syria and the developments of the political settlement there. »
    He said «official» that «the US military post status of combat plans and overseeing the continuing air strikes, is no longer enough because it did not help to achieve the results of the quality in the battle, which rotates against the terrorist Daash around the capital of Anbar, the talk about US ground combat troops turned to the recommendations of searching in Washington by senior Ministry of Defense and the rest of the American intelligence services experts. »
    He pointed out that «any US ground combat troops are deployed in Anbar will participate in the front lines to fight Daash terrorist along with Iraqi elite troops specially prepared to accompany likely Astkdamha to Iraq to fight Daash terrorist by US forces, and therefore speculation to the effect that the American forces will participate in the rear lines are false and unrealistic because the presence of American soldiers in the background fonts may put them at greater risk because the terrorist Daash often turn to carry out attacks from behind the Iraqi forces across the desert border and roads. »
    He pointed out that «the quality of the exercises conducted by the US military, both in Habbaniyah, east of Ramadi or eye-Assad base, north of Ramadi suggest that a joint US-Iraqi forces would fight together Daash terrorist, explaining that a lot of operations exercises take place with the participation of US combat assumed, and this is not It holds only one explanation, which is that there are accounts in the US scenario for the participation of US ground Daash in the war on terror, and will be launched this review of Anbar in the coming period, but the topic inevitably will require more time for the Americans. »
    He stressed that «the main reason behind the reticence of American scenario to send US ground troops to fight for the Liberation of Ramadi respect that Washington is keen that the process of formation of the Iraqi forces in a professional manner is moving progressively to the Iraqi party does not understand that the United States would fight are Daash terrorist and thus retreating Iraqi troops or training Fear seriousness. »

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