Commissioner of CoI Dr. Hassan Al-Yasseri: We are facing a serious war against corrupts people we will not back down if it cost us our lives

Dr. Hassan Al-Yasseri confirmed that all those who fight corruption today, which CoI topped them, facing a bloody war. He added that only the patriotic is supporting in this war. Stressing that CoI is going forward in its reform program initiated several months ago without retreating.
The commissioner indicated, During his meeting with Baghdad operation commander ( Abed Al-Amear Al-Shumari) and the spokesman the Brigadier ( Saad Maan) in 13/8/2015 that CoI initiated several months ago to take dissuasive measures against corrupts people and those who damaged the public money . He also clarified that these measures destroyed the hideouts of corrupts and warning the imminent dangerous that awaits them. Accordingly, they began to follow methods of defamation, fabrication charges and falsification the facts. They do not hesitate to follow other manners may harm CoIs` employees in order to keep the danger away from them.

He drew attention to the need to provide protection and backing of CoI`s teams which will be present in all services institutions and ministries especially those its work is tainted with corruption stressing that its visit to the ministries shall be continued. Finally, he promised to trace all corrupts people who will not fall asleep an eye because" we will cut of their root even it cost us our lives".

Besides, Baghdad operations commander expressed about his readiness to provide security backing for investigative commission teams, which conduct inspection visits to services institutions and ministries.