The main decisions of the Conference against extremism support reforms Abadi

The statement of Muslim Scholars responsibility to educate the Muslim community not to access the opinions of atonement and challenge the nation's predecessor to oppose it with plain text.

BAGHDAD / obelisk: First Scientific Conference concluded against extremism, Monday, its eight decisions notably steps to support the reform and the establishment of a civil state, and stressed the Sunni centrist position and acquitted of extremism and fanaticism "of terrorism and the rejection of all of ideologically go to extremes."

He said the final statement read out by a Senate participants in the first Scientific Conference against extremism and terrorism following the completion of the conference held by the Sunni Endowment in Baghdad and lasted for two days and attended "obelisk", "The conference came out with eight decisions which emphasize that extremism and terrorism Atdhad of Islamic message and does not return any benefit to the nation is not what happened in the old nor in newly being. "

The statement stressed, "centrist Sunni position and acquitted of extremism and terrorism and their rejection of both go to extremes ideologically and seeks to HTC symptoms of people and robbed of their money and kill their children and the destruction of their cities, in any form and from any party whatsoever," calling to "unify positions and stand firm against those who seek or think of this behavior the way. "

The statement called, "the abolition of calendar Iraqi society on sectarian or ethnic lines," asserting that "contrary to sectarian quotas of the principles of democracy and legal state based on the rule of equal citizenship."

The statement called, the executive branch to "deter from deliberately shuffle the cards in the turbulent situation of Iraq, which have caused the Sunnis in a problem between the executive branch and those who are fighting armed actors", stressing that "the Sunnis are staying without their will not bear any religious responsibility or national or moral about everything that goes on in their areas because they are not helpless. "

The statement, "the responsibility of educating the Muslim community of Muslim Scholars in lack of access in the opinions of atonement and challenge the nation's predecessor to oppose it with plain text," expressing support "for the reform steps that take place on the land of Iraq, if I took the course in practice the prosecution of abusers and corrupt the fate of the nation being came in a period of critical ".

He appealed to the statement, "responsible in areas where displaced people exist to defend them and alleviate the pressure and the adoption of their interests and their needs to the extent possible bodies," calling "relief work to help them and try to Aanaachehem and accelerate their return to their homes for the stability of the homeland and the establishment of a civil state that deal with the citizen and the homeland and rights organizations ".

The statement, "The nation needs to that class of Rabbinic scholars and intellectuals who are able to own vision of sound in order to make their best in a sincere work to spare this nation turning point may not be easy, and in order to contribute to the lifting of coexistence slogan basis just to remove the causes of tension in the whole of the region ".

The first scientific conference against extremism has been open for business on Sunday, with the participation of the President of the Sunni Endowment Abdul Latif Alhmam and a number of scientists.