Saleh: The government has avoided the economic crisis

1/9/2015 0:00

{Morning} paint a map of its achievements during the year of its formation

BAGHDAD joy pumice

with the imminent general solutions on the formation of the government and the launch of its comprehensive reform at the level of the joints of the State, paint a «morning» map of the most prominent achievements on the economic front, the most prominent recent moves to subdue the investment projects of the system investment contracts payment method term and re-activated.

In this regard, economic adviser in the prime minister explained d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the move was to overcome the financial crisis faced by the country, by moving and activating projects producing income from service and housing projects as well as infrastructure projects, especially projects «power», confirming the presence of Offers fact presented to the government which is under study, include with important and vital projects.

Saleh added »Sabah» that the government during its first year succeeded in sparing the Iraqi people severe economic crisis due to falling oil and low income country rates, as well as to engage in a fierce war with terrorism and to monitor military allocations her, although it was able to to manage these two aspects efficiently, Lakeside basic expenses and staff salaries and conduct business faced by the government by relying on its own resources and Statistics entering the country.

He noted that the government program put a clear road map to tackle corruption and government sag and to address the waste of public money which was one of the fundamentals of the economic system in the country and the difficulty of dismantling, stressing not be underestimated, so the program was launched to eradicate these phenomena.

As for the implementation of the government program properly, he noted adviser to the needs of the time required and will and genuine cooperation in the implementation by the State institutions concerned, on the grounds that he in favor of a popular and supporter by the higher reference.

It is said that the government of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, won the confidence of the House of Representatives on September the year 2014.8

Among the most prominent significant achievements that have sought to achieve the government are the strategies that are in support of the country's economy, according to Saleh, the most important of the adoption of the development of the private sector and the development of real philosophy for the transition to a market economy consists of three of Staff, the first so-called support-generating powers of the market (companies to make the founders of the) market, second market financing and launch the program on a smaller level of funding and the biggest for the development process (the central bank initiative to support small and medium enterprises), either the third pillar protect the market and of social protection.

He said Adviser to the social protection system in Iraq, was introduced during the year 2015, and is scheduled for completion in 2019 (includes addressing poverty, encase the retirement of a unified national market and government institutions, use policies that include characterization business and office training and employment), indicating that it includes the creation of a unified database on country-level work by the government in collaboration with representatives from the World Bank and the concerned authorities of Iraqi institutions.

He noted that the purpose of these trends to be «the market» the first operator in the country to contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) in the year 2030 more than 50 percent.