Hakim renewed his support for the reform and stresses to meet the demands of the demonstrators

Written by INA

Date: 08/31/2015 21:39

BAGHDAD INA / new head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Monday, its support for the reform process carried out by the three powers, while stressing the importance of meeting the demands of the demonstrators.

A statement by the Presidium of the Supreme Council, said that "al-Hakim said during chaired by Shura extended stream martyr Mehrab that" demonstrations constitutional right and will contribute to support the reform process. "

He stressed that "the protection of pretending lurking who are trying to drag it to the other target areas where basic Bmrtkzadtha hit the state, said that a detailed public majority of the demonstrators are the sons of the people affected, and Duns services, but there are a few bad must be wary of them."

Hakim pointed to "the importance of meeting the demands of the demonstrators, and the preparation of an efficient and effective plans to end the crises that whines the Iraqi people, noting the importance of the return of investment of moral support to the security forces and popular crowd, and to be telling them a top priority; because the battle with Daash battle existence, warning of attempts to drag chaos to central and southern regions. "