Sunni blocs provide 55 to view the signing of a general amnesty law on the agenda

He said deputies of the Alliance for the Iraqi forces brought more than 55 Deputy to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to offer a general amnesty law on the agenda for discussion and voting on it. " The MP said Hassan Chuird participation of a number of deputies from the coalition and attended by the correspondent for News Agency (et) that the Congress alliance forward the request to the Presidency for the inclusion of a general amnesty law signed by the 55 deputy, noting that "demand in which a number of ways, including the many suffering in prisons and some of them are innocent." . He noted that "the other face is the demands of our fans and positive message from the House of Representatives and the government to deal with the masses requirements seriously, and message Atmanan that we are striding towards the interests of the masses that the law is entitled to the right of the oppressed and get them out of prison as soon as possible and to compensate them due to their period if they are wronged." He stressed that our demands are not with those who worked to secure the destruction of Iraq and the economy, and we are most people to legally punished. "