Calls for the selection of a unified leadership of the demonstrations set a time limit for the implementation of demands

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -31 August / August: continued calls by activists Iraqis to choose the unified command of the Iraqi demonstrations and unify the demands of government and work in accordance with the roof time specify in advance to complete. With five weeks after the start of the Iraqi demonstrations calling for reform, it has not yet formed the leadership of the demonstrations in all demonstrations the cities of central and southern Iraq. Social networking sites have seen since Saturday requests by choosing a unified command for a demonstration of the young men and women protesters, including university professors and writers of both sexes and the rest of civil society activists who make up the mainstay of the Iraqi demonstrations, in order to avoid fragmentation of the demands of the demonstrators and the fear of penetration demonstrations by militias or infiltrators backed by corrupt politicians, fear that also subject to reforms that calls for achieving the demonstrators. new development in these calls is to invite the religious authority, Mohammed al-Yacoubi intellectual elites, academics, university professors and others to clear and pivotal role in the demonstrations in the country. He called Yacoubi unification of demands and put it on the table towards the elaboration of a national project reformist clearly defined, stressing the need to adjust the compass movement of the masses and the protection of demonstrations of the deviation and penetrate lurking and kidnappers achievements. Yacoubi said during a speech in front of a number of professors and academics from (Innovation Centre) for Strategic Studies and Research in his office in Najaf on Sunday, said that " The majority of people demanding problem-solving phenomenon that you see in front of her, not paying attention to the original reasons leading to it, as there are no uniform demands of the demonstrators.
The problem is not limited to power outages or deterioration of services, but a much larger problem, and hence the importance of the role of elites in the diagnosis of the essence of the problem first and study the basic objective study of the causes, and then to provide radical solutions to these problems Secondly, take the example of the election commission was formed by representatives of the major political blocs. "He asked," How can we imagine that it will be an independent, has been formed to take care of the interests of those blocks ?, but how we imagine that the elections will proceed in a fair, as long as the political money and influence and interests and government jobs, however, the dominant blocs, as well as the electoral law, which is designed the size influential, in order to cut off the road on any renaissance project includes a new blood, which led to the re-clone the same faces in each electoral process, with the presence of domestication and anesthesia people helps its market to where it wants Almtzlton. "He pointed reference Yacoubi that" the solution is not limited to authoritarian politicians and the political system, but rather extends to institutions and chock Almusharanh and the political process. He called to the formation of the Office of university specialists in this regard, and with the help of civil society organizations and the support of the international community. "He stressed" the need for the treatments reformist be radical and effective, and not a formality or prosthesis, because they will be subject to the influence of the corrupt, who rode each wave of demonstrations, to cover the negative consequences, and others launched a fiery statements to shuffle the deck, to remain the case as it is, and remains of the people living under the rigors of corruption and terrorism. "He added that" the process of reform is not concerned about the San, but you need hard work and constant pressure, movement of the masses, although it is not wide in accordance with the standards, but they are terrified corrupt, and routed them, and forced them to bow to resolve, after I took the public role and moved, we have drawn attention to it, and let's him before out these demonstrations. "He Yacoubi surprise" to delay the movement of the masses and Antfadtha, which did not tell her over 12 years ago, in spite of the alerts continuous warnings sequence of threats to Iraq and its people the dangers. "warned" of exclusivity and calls for division and separation and rally the masses policy sectarian to dismantle sectarian coalitions, and be coalitions and political parties on the basis of national programs that serve the people, "