National Alliance fears of linking the National Guard in the governorates

MP for the coalition of state law nostalgia Qadu (Maliki Supporter ) rejected all of the National Alliance, the National Guard blocks link the governorates because of fears of compromising on the sons of the popular crowd and the Islamic resistance rights. He Qadu told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that some politicians are trying to devote the concept of division and sectarianism in the country through the adoption of a draft National Guard law on the basis of regionalism any to be from certain areas without the other, noting that the National Alliance blocks combined believes that the National Guard It must be formed on the basis of the accession of all the components of the Iraqi people without distinguishing between the province and the province.
He pointed out that the sacrifices made by the crowd the popular Islamic resistance in order to liberate the occupied territories by the organization Daash terrorist can not go a dam and should be bringing them the National Guard by law to help maintain security, stressing that the most important problem hindering approval of the National Guard Law concerning the attachment Guard General Commander of the Armed Forces If what has been agreed upon, the political blocs will go a long way in the way the law was passed. The House of Representatives has postponed yesterday's approval of the draft law of the National Guard because of differences of political blocs on it where it was decided a meeting held at the home of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri next Monday to resolve points of contention.