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The opening of the office of the National Iranian Oil Company in Iraq

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It revealed the Iranian Oil Ministry, on Monday, the opening of the office of the National Iranian Oil Company in Iraq, as pointed out that Iran is seeking to expand the engineering and technical services in the field of oil and gas industries in the neighboring countries.

Deputy Iranian Oil Minister, Rukn al-Din Javadi, in a press statement followed up (range Press), that "the policies the new economic to Iran beyond sanctions stage is to increase the export of technical and engineering services to companies manufacturing the Iranian domestic and advisers to other countries."

He Javadi, said that "the success of Iran's oil industry depends on the global markets," pointing out that "there is a need for the presence of an Iranian in neighboring countries to support the oil and gas industry where, so it has been during the past week, an official opening of the Office of National Iranian Oil Company in Iraq."

Javadi did not disclose the place of the Iranian oil company's office in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that Iraq and Iran have signed, in the (16-2-2015), several memoranda of understanding and agreements in various fields, notably the industrial, agricultural and commercial aspects, while the agreements were signed within the enlarged meeting of the Iraqi - Iranian Joint Committee.