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Economic Jordanian Official: Iraq Is The largest Market For Jordanian Industrial Exports Iraq

Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Industry, Ayman Hatahet expected the Iraqi government to take a decision in the coming days to open Trebil crossing which was closed since six weeks.

Hatahet described Iraq in a press statement today as "the biggest market for Jordanian industrial exports, as it about 20% of Jordan's annual exports goes to Iraq which is close to $ 6 billion to Iraq."

He noted that: "many industries in Jordan were established for the Iraqi market, like food, detergents and wood."

He said: "The Jordanian industry began moving to new markets, especially Africa markets, to compensate the losses suffered by Jordanian industry markets due to the political situation of the region and the closure of border crossings with Iraq and Syria."

It is mentioned that a number of industrial establishments owned by Iraqis in Amman or in combination with Jordanians, which are about / 1347 / facilities with and registered in capital of up to approximately $ 3 billion provided 85 000 jobs.

The majority of these facilities are concentrated in the engineering and electrical industries, information technology, packaging, paper, cardboard and office supplies sectors, as well as chemical industries, cosmetics, agriculture food and livestock.

In turn, the Jordanian President of investors in Free Zones, Nabil Rumman confirmed that: "the free zones is the biggest affected by the closure of Trebil crossing, with an estimated value of goods exported to the Iraqi market each year about $ 600 million and about 5.1 billion as vehicles."