Iraqi Observer newspaper in number 1285 issued on Monday 31/8/2015 ran a story on its front page under the title "al-Jubouri, an adviser appointed a salary of nine million dinars," and when you read the news we discover that what is meant is an economic advisor to the House of Representatives.

At a time in which we show that Mr. Nawzad Ahmed Zarzis was appointed economic adviser to the House of Representatives a benefit for the parliamentary bloc after vacuum office for nine months as a result Committed former adviser to retire, which means not to develop for the post.

We would like to express our Astgrabna of the re-publication of news that the Council has already revealed the truth earlier and which referred to the news, it has been published to clarify on 04/07/2015 at stake and appeared in the media.

We also emphasize that what you go to him some of the media repeating the publication of news and reports of inaccurate and which carry a great deal of counterfeiting and slander, can not be included only in a deliberate campaign of miscarriage, which aimed at undermining the constitutional institutions, particularly the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and we wish all the media show objective and professional in their coverage of news.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives