Deputy for the rule of law: we will vote deduced from the National Guard Law

Date: 08/31/2015 13:49

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MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Saadoun Chihod, Monday, that the coalition will vote deduced from the National Guard Law during the next parliamentary session, arguing that the law would be a threat to the territorial integrity of Iraq.

He said Alziod Agency / information /, that "a coalition of state law will not be allowed to pass the National Guard Law in the next House of Representatives hearing on its current form unless they are taking proposals to Congress the rule of law," adding that "many political blocs expressed reservations about some articles and paragraphs of the law."

He added Chihod, "The Law National Guard will contribute to the consecration and to deepen regional and perhaps will be a threat to Iraq's independence and territorial integrity in the future.

"It is said that the House of Representatives yesterday had failed to vote on the Law of the National Guard for the second time because of the objections put up by the MPs of different political blocks. Finished / 25 m