Badr worried about the "local armies" fight "sectarian" because of the National Guard Law

Monday 31-08-2015 | 9:28:09

Twilight News / crossed Badr bloc affiliated to the National Alliance on Monday expressed concern that the project turns into a local National Guard Law of the armies of sectarian fighting in the country.

Iraqi Council of Representatives and order on Sunday to vote on the draft law of the National Guard for lack of parliamentary blocs agree to material in its current form.

He called on Prime Badr parliamentary bloc and a member of the Commission on Security and Defense Qassim al-Araji in a press release to the need for attention to the law of the National Guard a way that fits with the security challenges facing the country and to be a federal and not turn into a local armies may be the cause of sectarian strife.

He said this law will help to support and assist the security services and the maintenance of the ground after the complete liberation of the terrorist organization Daash, calling for the importance of expediting the approval of the law and not to delay it more.

National Guard and the law of the points contained in a document the political agreement which formed the basis of which the current government, the bill aims to organize the work of the popular crowd forces in all provinces, especially after the turn it into an official body.