Integrity body recovered (14) billion dinars to the state treasury banks seized by the civil clients

Sunday 30-08-2015 | 12:05:46

Twilight News / Chairman of the Integrity Commission Yasiri Hassan announced on Sunday that the investigative procedures of the Commission resulted in the recovery of large sums of money to the state's Rafidain bank account, indicating that the total amount of money that has been retrieved amounted to more than 14 billion dinars.

Yasiri said in a statement responded to Twilight News, speaking about details of the case, which was begun by the Rafidain Bank / Branch President open current accounts for three clients by certificate definition of a branch customers.

He said that the three customers (H.j.a) and (O.a.a) and (c AN) had the liberalization of instruments for other customers in civil banks provide credit without covers Akiem those amounts, referring to the feet of the employee responsible for the Calculator clearing of electronic instruments in the Rafidain Bank / Branch President invited (O.a.h) not to make updates to the system (the receipt of instruments) drawn from other banks in section client accounts with a view to clearing the passage of time; so that the branch Depositary (instrument) to withdraw the amount.

He Yasiri procedures investigative and direct coordination with the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Finance Bmhoreha, I: containing the follow-up to recover the amounts juggler dispensed, and the second: the completion of the investigative procedures and to instruct the Rafidain Bank to move the criminal case before the Court of achieving integrity against an employee branch which cut off from work and customers drawers and beneficiaries brought to retrieve most of the amounts dispensed juggler.

He cautioned that further action is still continuing the process of recovery of more than 11 billion dinars from banks natives did not take into account in their dealings Article (16) of the Money Laundering Law No. (93) for the year 2004, which requires the customer to provide a statement in writing from the owner of the refund, if customer is not the owner, and if the cash deal more than a million dinars.