Investment and administrative efficiency «the mystery out» of the global crisis

8/31/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD agencies
count, Executive Director of Central Accounts in Dubai debt rescheduling and repayment, one of the factors that helped to get out of the financial crisis, which began to hit the world in 2008, saying that the perception among the community and on the exit of Dubai from the previous global financial crisis «by paying Debt »not Dqiqa.ohdd understood that innovation is a government efficiency columns, pointing out that the biggest challenge that Dubai has faced during the financial crisis« ​​did not repay the debt, but restore investor confidence in Dubai's economic activities, especially in the financial market and the real estate sector ».

He stressed that many of the countries of the world rescheduled debt at high interest rates, in order to get out of its financial crisis, adding that Dubai companies managed to obligations management, even managed some companies to pay several commitments ahead of schedule, as they entered the stage of investment and administrative efficiency.

He said that « These factors met and interacted positive reaction, what encouraged us to say that we went out of the financial crisis ».oaattabr that the previous financial crisis« ​​solved on the ready for the challenges of the city, and efficient and the Program for Excellence in Government began a long time ago, and has produced great efficiencies, where huge projects many of which were in the process of completion, so the Dubai did not begin to address the crisis from scratch, but based on solid data, and they had to act quickly to keep those projects and investments and important assets, was the first move in this regard is to move toward government spending efficient ». .

He added that the financial crisis encouraged to take a number of actions, represent the first in the creation of «Supreme Fiscal Committee», which oversaw the sectors supervision centrally strong financial authority, and the second, the procedure in the establishment of the government «Fund Dubai Financial support», in order to focus the state-owned companies, which formed a large part influenced by the crisis, resulting in the order of corporate affairs, in accordance with the policies and decisions of Maanh.oodhav that among those procedures, management of public debt to be concerned with the management of the religion of the emirate with the corporate sector and the government sector, came those procedures in order to achieve a balance between the needs of state-owned companies and support them in their attempts to get out of the crisis by, and the needs of the government sector and its investment and efficiency in the operation of the other side. »