Accounting reforms with great interest packages

8/31/2015 0:00

Baghdad Joseph Zayer
It accounted for the reforms launched by the government Abadi popular interest and my organizations large packs, where unanimous academics and activists civilians on the need to support research in the ways of their implementation to the fullest.

In this regard, the Organization of Iraq grouping set up in 2020, a round table to discuss the role of civil society organizations in the implementation of the government to reform packages recently announced that, in accordance with the best achieved on the face.

And Dr. Ali Khudair Anbure head assembly, the role of intellectuals and civilian activists in general being wider than the role of civil society organizations where hardly be the role of organizations is very limited in the claims and define its role and general trends or contribute actively in the formulation of urgent claims and thus access to imagine driving to help Implementation of the executive branch of economic reforms and various packaged recently introduced.

He pointed out that the popular demonstrations called for improving the level of services along with various initiatives adopted by civil society organizations to enhance their role in the process of general reform and economic reform in particular has presented programs in their watchdog role, pointing to the importance required in the implementation of these reform packages put forward by the government's investigation.

He continued: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has emphasized the role of these regulatory organizations on all sectors in which the activation of the reform items to reach the best performance of the Iraqi economy and thus achieve the desired level to overcome the crises plaguing the country's economy.

He Anbure «It is unfortunate to say, that the oversight role of these organizations did not have the required level during the period missed, and bears this deficit parties, where the government and its organs executive of various leading economic process were not interacting with civil society organizations in facilitating the performance audit of the various economic sectors process and therefore access to the best results in the easiest possible implementation of the government's economic policy and tax policy and other measures required for the implementation of development plans Almnasph.waodh that is intended not to government interaction with the organizations, for example, by not activating the transparency required to enable the parties to reach their goals best, where without access to information can not be access to regulatory performance acceptable level. »

The head of the assembly «It is well known that we do not have the law runs the circulation of information, and in this regard we demand the enactment of a law regulating access to information from the executive organs of the competent authorities in the performance of its supervisory role, and this along with the other side is important is the crisis of confidence between the government and civil society organizations as a lot of government agencies dealing with suspicion and lack of confidence with those organizations and thus also demand the Pettmtin relations between the two parties. »

The «important example of the lack of seriousness deal with the oversight role to the success of the various economic plans is blocking the project until the present day, a Charter of Partnership between the two parties is not passed in the House of Representatives has not been adopted by the Council of Ministers»

He continued «we come to an important observation about the reforms that packs announced whether from the government or from the House of Representatives, noted it without a timetable and the consequent benefits in the event of non-implementation, and here we note the size of the disability for the control of implementation without the knowledge of the time selections for each reformist paragraph, and then there is the adoption of limited relations with civil society organizations through selecting only some of them always to the calls of various conferences and committees to work in a particular sector, and here injustice is located where it will be the adoption of a regulatory device deranged not to call the appropriate organization in terms of specialization »

He called Anbure to the need to establish economic workshops and thus get a better perceptions to support the government's plans draw economic policies which guarantee application development in various sectors of our economy, productivity in parallel and thus overcome all the difficulties that hinder the role of each sector to contribute to the budgetary space to maximize resources and build our society to take real role commensurate with the size of the known and the most important of human wealth.