Iraq: withdrawal of hundreds of gray crowd fronts due to US troops 8/30
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Thread: Iraq: withdrawal of hundreds of gray crowd fronts due to US troops 8/30

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    Iraq: withdrawal of hundreds of gray crowd fronts due to US troops 8/30

    Iraq: the withdrawal of hundreds of gray crowd fronts

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Security sources said that about 1,500 fighters from militias popular crowd withdrew from the confrontation with al-Daash in Ramadi Alonbar.oodavc province, sources in Anbar (province west) and the other in Baghdad circumference, that the withdrawal was in protest against the participation of US advisers in battles , in addition to the appointment of a new deputy to the commander of Anbar operations by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

    The sources pointed out that the withdrawal of militias from Khalidiyah Island east of Ramadi, revolted fears of the army and the Awakening of the lead to end the siege imposed on the organization Daash in Alrmada.otefid the same sources that the attempts by government troops and advisers Americans convince Awakening fill the void failed, due to lack of militants Awakening to armament appropriate.

    According to Iraqi sources said a large repercussions may result from such a withdrawal, noting that the attack phase that I talked about government forces may be delayed and may be doomed to an uncertain result of the withdrawal.

    Iraqi forces and militias popular crowd and weeks locked in battles against state regulation to restore the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah since, but suffered heavy losses and still offer slow. On the other hand the team Jalal Tawfiq, commander of Iraqi ground forces west of Samarra, the military announced the end of the process. Tawfiq said in a press statement near the historic Palace adored The operation resulted in the deaths of 200 members of the organization Daash and arresting 16, including Jordanian and Asians and the destruction of a number of dens, wheels, and Alitzhlh Alastblane weapons and ammunition. He added that the brigade 15 of the army which carried out the operation to pull out Camp Taji with forces of the Federal Police will be deployed along the Leine line (strategic line) oil.

    He pointed out that the army and police forces had taken up defensive positions in the region to prevent any future attacks on Samarra, even though they were Haon.ohdd that the forces involved in the process and reached the outskirts of Lake Thar Thar but it will not remain in the area for lack of sufficient forces to the concentration of the shells, but he also said "But we will continue to Nlahakhm whether military operations or aviation will not allow them to threaten Samarra, never."

    Western Region and is one of the Samarra Al-Anbar province, adjacent to the areas where Daash We strongly for ease of transportation and the possibility of maneuvering as well as Balqtat it from affecting the supply routes of the pieces, which is fighting in the rest of the territory of the province of Salahuddin areas. Iraqi security source in Salahuddin province, also announced that the organization Daash lit fires in three oil wells east Tkirc.oukal The source elements Daash either bombed these wells which are located in the no man's land with the Iraqi forces or infiltrated them and burned what led to the outbreak of fire which resulted in the thick black smoke covered the sky area for many kilometers and reached the south of Samarra.

    Located Alas oil field amid Hamrin Heights, a mere oil wells untapped at the present time, the security forces took control of parts of them in March, while a section of the wells remained outside its control, while Iraqi forces controlled entirely on Jbl oil field 35 / km north of the town flag, which field produces 35 thousand barrels per day, as well as gas production.

    The estimated proven reserves in the two fields at about three billion barrels as well as gas and sulfur. Ten members of al-Daash also killed in a rocket attack on the international coalition, west of Mosul pension market area. He said local residents that the aerial bombardment long gathering of the armed organization of the market away from the entrance of civilians, arguing that the bodies of Aldoaash handed over to the forensic medicine in the city.
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