Iraq declared the state a disaster 8/30
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Thread: Iraq declared the state a disaster 8/30

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    Iraq declared the state a disaster 8/30

    Iraq declared the state a disaster

    Mr. Prime Minister surprised us by appearing on television, which will meet with a number of deputies and state law, some writers and journalists. In his speech he focused on the need to make reforms. And no objection from the declaration of martial law or dissolve parliament if the people so desired by referendum or demonstrations Magdy Rady. . .

    In a meeting this we see the presence of three possibilities Either he gives an ultimatum to the heads of allied blocs with him through their representatives at the meeting, and this reminds us of the ultimatum-Sisi during the second Egyptian revolution and cought reins at a later time.

    Or he wants to justify its slowdown in reforms and failure to enforce its inability, it offers excuses to blame the demonstrators and throwing them not to assist in the implementation of these reforms and thus failure. . ,

    Or that he really wants Magdy Rady demonstrations to take bolder and more revolutionary steps for those around him aware that the old guard will not Imknoh to achieve the reforms which the people of the promise. . .

    In the face of all these possibilities result, it can not but moves forward, because he had started the journey and that the country does not assume delays or wait any longer. . . If. Unable to implement radical reforms with vigor and determination is there who can do it and exceed it ,, because the country's situation is not likely to stall or procrastination and that Iraq not only failed state, but it is on the edge of the abyss, and you have the reasons:

    1_ parliament failed and the fall of parliamentarians. (Only a few of them) in the quagmire of corruption, nepotism and breach of trust and the nation. As well as his inability to question ministers and officials and the inability of its legislation for laws such as the National Guard, accountability, justice and the service and oil and gas law the Federal Court. What's more, the large number of contradictory statements by parliamentarians in the issues affecting the sovereignty or pushing people to things is indispensable

    2_ The National Alliance, which has a majority in parliament and lead the political process has no head nor proceeding according to the concept of a systematic perspective. And it has no leadership reference except the religious authority

    3_ the judiciary has become politicized and a follower of executive power and completely unable to exercise his duties to punish all abusing leading to underestimated and lack of respect and the creation of all these political and administrative chaos now prevailing.

    4_ political and administrative corruption, which uncle all aspects of the state and society and we can not exclude any facility from the state facilities without the presence of fake contracts and theft of public money, bribery of

    5_ lack of controls to rule whether it is centralized or decentralized and was followed by the conduct of matters of state according to the whims of ministers, governors and recriminations. e

    6_ Budget on the brink of bankruptcy and the state is unable to provide the money for the management of the vital departments

    7_ one-third of Iraq's territory occupied by the enemy's fierce Daash and which offer daily dozens of martyrs and massive losses in equipment and money.

    8_ permanent differences between tribes, or between them and the popular crowd, causing further divisions in Iraqi society and it seems that the Iraqi army is Ghaderaly reorganize itself and coordination with other armed factions

    9_ the presence of large numbers of displaced people, including nearly 3 million displaced people inside Iraq and they need more Manalamwal to ensure their survival, at least. There are also different in M'zajiat them back to their homes

    10_ multitude of armed militias in Baghdad and the provinces and overlapping armed gangs and mafias with it

    11_ weakness of the local currency as a result of the loss of most of central bank reserves and resurrection of the conduct of millions of dollars a day to maintain the stability of the Iraqi currency rate and all this led to the smuggling of hard currency and the lack of it, which would increase the bankruptcy of the state

    12_ lack of a clear foreign policy led to fluctuations in the levels of diplomatic relations with other countries, especially countries hostile Jawarwaltbarhat of officials and deputies to these countries leading to increased intervention Iraqi affairs, fearing for their current and future interests

    13_ poor organization of the internal security forces and the spread of the phenomenon of corruption, bribery and sale positions

    14_ almost complete stop of sporting events and most especially football as a result of state intervention, which led to the loss of youth trends and push them to migrate from the homeland they left or to the drug.

    15_ disable most of the public sector laboratories and many of the 16 private sector plants

    16_ collapse of agriculture and irrigation system and a lack of Animal Resources and Fisheries.

    17 permanent rift between autonomy for Iraqi Kurdistan and the central government

    18_ government to ignore many of the state curriculum, which the government formed on its light items

    This the most important problems facing Iraq and that will lead to the bankruptcy and collapse of the state and added to all this poor service of electricity drinking, sanitation and other water.

    After all this, Mr. Abadi, wondering whether he will declare martial law or not, and asks a mandate from the people through a referendum. If any of these problems and dilemmas valid to declare a state of emergency and dissolved the parliament and suspending the Constitution, let alone all of this together in one state. Iraq and that this situation has become a state disaster, which requires a solution the government and parliament and the formation of an emergency government of competencies and not politicians.

    The interest of the people above all other considerations and above all the formalities and Parliament still and the rule of law and the Union of Forces and Kurdish and others are demanding that be constitutional reforms they violate the Constitution daily, and the most basic issues and when it comes to disasters, the people and their misfortune becomes their law above all humanitarian considerations and to maintain the narrow interests to the interests of the people and the homeland. The religious authority and the people had given the necessary mandate to Mr. Abadi and therefore seize this opportunity and methods of the iron is hot, where it will not be available in the future any chance of reform and cleansing more than the support of the people and the reference in that one.
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    Re: Iraq declared the state a disaster 8/30

    I sure don't like this article.....ugh.

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