Legalities of recovering Iraq Funds seized abroad 8/30
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Thread: Legalities of recovering Iraq Funds seized abroad 8/30

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    Legalities of recovering Iraq Funds seized abroad 8/30

    Economist confirms the legal issue of the recovery of funds seized outside contexts

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    Said economist Majid picture, Sunday, that the President of the Council of Ministers injunction to restore the competent investigative committees Alamwaly seized outside legal contexts to the state legal question par excellence.

    And he said the picture told / information / he "must specify all the money that was stolen and identify the mechanisms that have been through theft," stressing "the need to form committees or bodies to follow the movement of capital in Iraq."

    He added that the picture "a step forming committees or bodies to follow up the capital that will control the movement of the previous money and Alahakh, noting that" Iraq after the previous agreements with a number of countries signed in this framework must address the international police Interpol and departments in the countries need to contribute effective in helping Iraq by following the money transferred from the country. "

    The Prime Minister instructed earlier to investigative committees competent to recover the money that was seized outside legal policies to the state and other funds in which the unfairness in Altakiam.anthy / 25
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