Iraq between revolution and repression 8/30
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    Iraq between revolution and repression 8/30

    Iraq between revolution and repression of

    Represents mobility popular Iraqi now a strategic shift in the lives of Iraqis, and the moment of a historic milestone for determining the political and social future, the first time in all history shows crowds millions, without having to stand behind point of organization, party or movement, graduated full spontaneously, and simultaneously in all the provinces of Iraq South rebellious, and in popular demand one, agreed upon by all Iraqis is (the change), and nothing else, despite the importance of other service demands extremely important, but it stuck to the word of the change from the beginning to achieve a larger goal which is independence and an end to dependence on Iran and others, and the change that meant the people in revolution, do not get water, electricity, salaries of health, educational and service appointments and function, this is not the demands, these rights on the government implemented without it, but the desired change is the abolition of the constitution and parliament and change the judiciary and the referral of corrupt and murderers to justice and solving the Iranian militias, the bulk of what the people want in revolution blessed, here we will reveal the destructive role Iran and Amaimha, and analyze the results of the revolution and the difficulties faced in reaching its goals, and the role of Arab countries for their support and count on the future and their impact results on the security of the entire region, the Iraqi revolution is the touchstone in the region and the world, as Iraq was a day is the primary concern for the world of prestige and national positions which reckoned with the whole world a thousand account, so it is this simple by him to the site of Iraq before the occupation, was sparked revolution and demonstrations of Basra stomata and heroes of the declared loud cry generally tyrants and murderers and taking cover name of religion (the name of religion Paconh thieves, Ammar Ammar Shell Eidak folks Basra what she wants), thus sparking Basra torch Champions race to change and disclosed the nature and goals of the revolution, that change starts first Balamaim corrupt, which is the head of the scourge and corruption in Iraq, and so spread Kalhisham in the fire in the other provinces and the voice more clearly reached the ears of the mullahs then and Tehran (Iran Balance Balance Karbala rest remain free)

    He told the message and the hardest blow directed the crowd to Iran evil, these chants and others caused a stir in the guardian Fools Iran's room and immediately called his servants, Nuri al-Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim and Muqtada al-Sadr and others, to put the Iranian program implemented by Qassem Soleimani to suppress the revolution and Oodha, it represents the biggest threat now to project Iran expansion in the region, a moribund project in Iraq, and so the slaves returned to Baghdad for the implementation of the Crown-Faqih their guide scheme and the Lord in the land, were killed protesters and stabbed with knives and beaten with sticks, and the arrest of the demonstrations leaders in most of the provinces and threatening others, here and it is natural, has calculated his fans demonstrations account, that Iran and its lackeys will address the demonstrations and trying to suppress by any means, murder and lynching and detention First, was this Iranian plan was accompanied to suppress the revolution in the media attack large-led channels wantonness of Iran, including the prospects Testament and the Bourne and Iraq and the Euphrates and Wu sectarian, not to mention an attack by turbans corruption named in chants public, either reference Najaf, was holding the stick from the middle, they are supporting the demands of the demonstrators, demanding Abadi, to be implemented immediately and bring the corrupt to justice, while attacking demonstrations and encourages militia suppressed by not issue a fatwa to outlaw Touch demonstrators, but describes some of the references Najaf of some turbans corrupt such as Sadr al-Din al-Qabanji Pakistan that the demonstrations behind them regional countries and those of the Baath and Daash residue, and shared Nuri Spyker attack and describes the demonstrators Baldoaash and thus receive Revolution torrent of profanity and harsh attack sectarian from the mouths of turbans rotten and corrupt politicians and parties are corrupt and references fueling sectarian and supports spoilers, after that was all of these, at the beginning of the demonstrations to support and encourage and participate in the demonstrations, the goal was clear is, to ride the wave of demonstrations and Aeltsid it was the last of Moqtada al-Sadr in his call for millions to protest and ride the wave, and everyone fails, and Anfdan evil goals, and their subordination to Iran's supreme guide, planned in infanticide demonstrations any cost, even though it was the blood of Iraqis, this is Iran's scheme to suppress and to end the demonstration, but what the protesters stand and what are the Astaratejathm in the face of coterie and the gang Khamenei to suppress the revolution, The masses more aware and longer Sabra of dwarfs and slaves Khamenei in Iraq, has faced militias and the Iranian Basij in Tahrir Square and Yards demonstrations in the provinces with wisdom and reason and absorbed Ngolhm, with some pulled out of the event, to ward off what dire consequences, and it's over, and the perception of idiots from the parties and their militias and those who stand behind them, they have succeeded in stopping the demonstrations, but the awareness and intelligence of the Iraqi higher of intelligent riffraff Khamenei, came Juma Iraqi anger including not expect these Acharazm, was filled arenas demonstrations millions of people in the finest real Iraqi scene knew the history of the Iraqis, and fall into the hand the enemies of the revolution, but it did not end here, it was a speech Abadi In response to his reforms and Trgiatha and austerity his paper parliament lean corrupt, that the demands of the masses voice louder paper deceptive reforms, and truer than paper reforms corrupt Parliament Bugger declared Abadi he wants a mandate from the revolution and the people in order to implement their demands at once, the abrogation of the Constitution, the parliament and the reform of the judiciary and to go to the emergency government, and this What we reaffirmed since the first day of demonstrations in our article (Iraq revolution people injured),

    Thus, out of millions on Friday to confirm to Ebadi and the Iraqi people as a whole it is determined to change, and is irreversible, whatever the sacrifices, and after this million-man demonstration that put Abadi in a critical and face-to-face angle in front of the people and commitments, the ball is now stadium-Abadi, Here people Vodk the abolition of the constitution and parliament and repair the judiciary and to bring the corrupt to the new judiciary, what do you want after, yes we Iraqis are living an important historical moment, after all that has been, from the killing and displacement and displacement, arrests and sectarian war fueled al-Maliki orders Iranian, to destroy Iraq, either a complete overhaul of the structure of the government and the system of sectarian Althassa-based, which was destroyed Iraq, and either go to the extreme ruin areas cruelty and destruction and civil war led by uncontrolled militias, and all this winning ruin is Find us phenomenon organization Daash, and when (God forbid), Revolution and Haider al-Abadi fail in the desired change will go all out there, and this is what is not Iraqis want at whatever price, Iraqis have found the way of salvation in the revolution, and not by others, and they are involved with God's help to an end near the certain, despite the Iranian scheme Asagtoh in Tahrir Square .
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