Al-Alusi reveals: political blocks reforms openly interfered in secret! 8/30
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Thread: Al-Alusi reveals: political blocks reforms openly interfered in secret! 8/30

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    Al-Alusi reveals: political blocks reforms openly interfered in secret! 8/30

    Al-Alusi reveals: political blocks reforms openly interfered in secret!

    He says deputies and politicians that support declared by the political blocs to government reform project "virtual", because it affected most of the procedures, with surprising spokesman Abadi submit resignations to the Conservative Prime Minister who has accepted or rejected, and not to local councils which voted them down.

    There is controversy in the political middle on speed and utility reform project, amid frequent announcements of most clusters support.
    The example says al-aloosi, a Deputy of the Civil Alliance, to support political reforms "virtual," and is intent on reversing what it announces.
    Al-Alusi, adds support for political reforms Abadi "questionable command of" public parking next to the critical attitude developed by it and the street, demanding reform."

    And surprised Al-aloosi, "how political blocks immersed in corruption to fight corruption and reform!".

    Al-Alusi said, "Abbadi and the Government back from the brink of the most serious battle in political life", calling for "giving time to reform that Abbadi need deeper things", adding that "the Prime supporters and supporters of citizens and civil society organizations, and talent in universities".

    Al-Alusi, finds that "supporting reference and delegated to the three presidencies is another support to the political process," Al-Ibadi, expressing concern about "the lack of activation by Abadi".

    Al-Alusi called the President "not to conceal his deputies and need to bring accused them of treason and theft of public money, or else will guide fingers."

    Al-Alusi, expressed concern about the "fight against corrupt Abadi", stating that "all corrupt officials will be their fate as prisons to avoid possible ways including pressing the Prime Minister".

    And was the Supreme religious authority, called on the Government and Parliament and the judiciary to achieve reforms details decisions "bold and convincing" to the Iraqi people.

    The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai, in a speech last Friday that "the Supreme religious authority previously confirmed that its statement is the outline of the reform process and details the steps necessary so they are in the custody of officials in the conscious of the three powers of the legislative, Executive and judicial, and hoped to reconcile with, and take bold decisions be convincing to the Iraqi people, which is the source of all powers."
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