Citizen Nuri al-Maliki leaves green zone 8/30
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Thread: Citizen Nuri al-Maliki leaves green zone 8/30

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    Citizen Nuri al-Maliki leaves green zone 8/30

    Citizen Nuri al-Maliki leaves green

    Confident Jabri Sunday, August 30, 2015

    It seems that most politicians have become more than a citizen; talk of reform, and competed to raise their hands before the completion of reading the texts of the reforms package, but did not let the occasion and talked about their steps tireless efforts in building ?! They are geniuses construction boom that is unmatched in the world; they jumped on the date and time and Tefroa Tjaozhu hereditary, although the corruption of the men, including killed him ?!
    Rbibam talking about corruption, and some of them came out protesters; Voskth people and dragging the defeat tails, ears and voices in calling for corrupt corrupt.
    Did not expect politicians gathered people Vrkoh; to dependencies and communities, and he was not imagined of sat on the necks; that exposes corruption and possession of public property, even angry politicians people forced; acceptance package reforms first and second and third, and hopes to be applied in record time planning to a glimmer of hope that beyond.
    Immediately abolished the posts of Vice President and the Cabinet, and became citizens without protections are supposed to live among us, and suffer power cuts and poor services and wait for share Altamonah, and required them to be in the popular crowd to defend the homeland, and with the advocates of reform, and detect if in themselves and their parties.
    The second package incorporated some of the ministries, and abolished positions Almtharian and reduce the number of protections, and in the third Packages: returned property seized by the politicians, and re-evaluate the sale of land lease, and open the Green Zone to the citizens, it is our right to believe the message which says: 'citizen Nuri al-Maliki left Baghdad, Medhat al-Mahmoud, accompanied by a number of parliamentarians and for the rule of law, and evacuate their homes inside the Green Zone '; as a natural result of the third reform package, and a conclusion to say with all the forces it reforms itself though.
    News published on my personal, since any progress in the reforms; in parallel with progress our troops on the battlefield of honor, and she says the reference: that reform battle parallel Ulkipaia Jihad, Vtvaal participated commented thousands on the news, Ouseltni messages on your ask for the news source, including a message from Mr. Abbas al-Musawi, a former adviser; former Prime Minister.
    The news source is the will of the masses, and hope for the demise of the space surplus positions, and achieve reforms to get rid of political waste, and self-examination to search for the corrupt who have caused the entry of terrorism, and Mr Nuri al-Maliki is a citizen and duties and his rights, and be held accountable for mistakes, and predicted waiver Mahmood; result the demands of the three weeks, and urgency reference to reconsider the elimination, while the members of the state law; Most of them advisers and deputies have received homes in the Green Zone, and exit a matter of course before entering the citizens and ask 'Where did this to you'?
    Reform is not a slogan on the back of the waves to demonstrate, not promises in the land of reality, Sdaha corruption, terrorism and burned because of it.
    The right of the citizen question and accounting charge, and a review of the corruption of the Department of State from 2003, check the cause of the collapse and how sat spoilers, and given them hundreds of meters, residential land in the heart of the capital; the price of 10 thousand dinars per meter, while the price of those 6 million dinars ?! And one-third of the people does not have a 50-meter housing ?! And ask about how to rent palaces at nominal prices, and contracts extending to 200 years ?! And ask why 12 years to Medhat al-Mahmoud, and this speech is not concerned by hand alone; it wants to reform him to start his own, and heard praising adviser and unbelievable.


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    Re: Citizen Nuri al-Maliki leaves green zone 8/30

    I sure hope that this article is true!

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