Maliki name unites Iraqis 8/30
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Thread: Maliki name unites Iraqis 8/30

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    Maliki name unites Iraqis 8/30

    Maliki name unites Iraqis

    1 Although the sectarianism and sectarian tension Lisa and Leda moment but there is a complete and unified conviction when all Iraqis that al-Maliki is a despicable of play on this tendon and tried with all his strength inflame sectarian strife among the Iraqi people per sons.

    2. trying to attribute the cause of a lot of economic decline to the country's ongoing economic crisis plaguing the whole world, but there are uniting Iraqis that when the reckless actions of the owners and mismanagement, which was followed by that have brought the country to this case.

    3. Despite what has been said and said about the reasons for the fall of Mosul and Majerth this crime woes of the oppressed Iraqi people, but the Iraqis unite in that the main reason behind the fall of Mosul is the reckless driving of the owners.

    4. In spite of external interference in the affairs of Iraq is not new nor strange Both nations with ambitions to interfere in the affairs of other countries, but the Iraqis unite around one fact is that al-Maliki is to open the door to outside interference in Iraq's affairs.

    5. Although the electricity crisis blackouts Some causes Aklaiah may be out of control, but the Iraqis and the difference spectrum unite around the fact that the disregard for public money and enable al-Maliki to corrupt in this ministry and not to hold them accountable is causing electricity to this tragedy.

    6. In spite of the political turmoil experienced by the country due to poor selection of people and not to appeal to reason in this choice, but the Iraqis unite in the idea that al-Maliki attractive destination for corrupt and does not care as long as what the person may within his loyalty.

    7. Baath and de-Baathification the title of many to hear from all sides in Iraq, I do not think that the Iraqis disagree on the reasons for the destruction of Iraq's past and present is the thought of the Baathist Alhivouna However, Iraqis unite on a single word, which is that al-Maliki is the incubator of the Baathists and safe haven for them
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