State Islamic Economic announce his project and the return of the gold dinar

Sun Aug 30 2015
02:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Erbil announced the Islamic state for the return of the gold dinar to trade between people in the areas under his control. The deployment of the Islamic state to issue a new institution affiliated titled "Sunrise succession of life and the return of the gold dinar", where he was Details "huge economic project" adopted by the Islamic state for the return of the gold dinar to commercial trading, able to do without all the paper currencies, especially the dollar. The English-language version is translated into several languages, it deals with the history of the metal dinar, based on the interpretation of Koranic verses and the functioning of the prophets. and displays the version the impact Aldeanr Golden and its importance to global markets through the ages, and its value against the currencies traded and recognizing paper world. and appear in the video State factories Islamic Stamping coin, and began the Islamic state in pumping these currencies to markets under his control gradually, seeking to educate people in those areas on the project

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