Deputy state law holds responsible for the crisis and calls for the application of Green's decision to open

Sun Aug 30 2015
00:20 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad carrying MP for the Civic Democratic Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, a coalition of state law and the Islamic Dawa Party responsible for the crisis in the country, while calling for the need to apply the decision to open the Green Zone to the citizens. Sheikh Ali said in a press conference held at the parliament building that "a coalition of state law and the Dawa Party bear the responsibility for what happened in the country from crises and corruption Msthari." And on the reforms package, Sheikh Ali said that "recent reforms launched by yesterday Prime Minister pack and private Maitalq open the Green Zone, must be applied necessary", noting that "the people calling for this for 12 years." He added that "the current Minister of Culture Raundozi student open yard major celebrations Unknown Soldier to entertain especially families with a theater and a cinema, but the operational command refused to do so." Through MP for Civil Alliance for surprise "of the some of the demonstrators or activists statements satellite channels that open the Green Zone is not one of our demands," calling for "some of the demonstrators to adjust their statements because it weakens the demands mostly just from the demonstrators and the sons of the Iraqi people." The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued Friday (August 28, 2015), his orders to the competent leadership establish the necessary security to open the Green Zone to the citizens arrangements

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