Activists: security forces have shown great cruelty against demonstrators in Baghdad
Sat Aug 29 2015

(Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Baghdad activists reported that security forces have shown great cruelty against demonstrators in Baghdad on Friday evening, pointing to commit torture and detention against children and the elderly operations. He Roudao network media reporter, Bahman Hassan , who was present to place sit-ins in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad yesterday evening that security forces committed torture, arrests and actions of harsh against demonstrators operations. He explained that the demonstration was initially peaceful, it has been seen heavy deployment of security forces, the security services and has been very cooperative with the participants in the demonstration, which was peaceful and good until the late hours. He added that some of the demonstrators tried to in the last hours of the demonstration change course from Tahrir Square to the parliament, carrying banners demanding to dissolve parliament, and when they tried to cross the bridge of the Republic prevented by the security services, and then began to clashes between the two sides. He said civil activist , "The demonstrators were trying to open the bridge of the Republic, and started because of cursing the security forces and clashed with them, but after the security forces they received, I saw the brutality with my own eyes, as they were not observed until the age group with the hit and arrest demonstrators." He said activist Mohammed al-Azzawi, the network Roudao , "The security forces have arrested a number of young and old men and even children." experiencing the capital Baghdad and the majority of Iraqi cities, every Friday, demonstrations, mass rallies, calling for fundamental reforms in the economic, political and administrative in the country, and the trial of the corrupt situation. While affirmed one of the demonstrators, the network Roudao media "to use security forces to torture against demonstrators, last night in Baghdad, and its arrest of many." He said the demonstrator, who preferred not to be named, "the situation was similar to the Egyptian scene, when he attacked the current president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi group on supporters of former President Mohammad Morsi in Rabi'a Square in Cairo.

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