High Nassif values ​​Abadi, in response to claims the restoration of state property and calls for the use of specialists in this area
Sat Aug 29 2015

Praised the high Nassif deputy prime minister rapid response to claims the formation of committees to investigate the sale and rental of real estate and ownership of the state, citing the need to rely on experts and specialists in this area, not just legal.

Said in a statement quoted by its press office today: "The issuance of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi directives to form a legal specialized committees to review the sale and rental and ownership properties State step been so eagerly awaited after that we have applied in the House of Representatives includes the signatures of a number of deputies in order to open this file, but the Council has slowed in the subject. "

She Nassif expressed the hope "that the committee, which will in this case different from the rest of the committees where they are will achieve real achievements in this file is important," calling to "rely on relevant experts in this field advise, not just relying on legal only".

And he revealed: "The State will ensure the restoration of real estate funds and property re-Iraqi people, who aspire to end all abuses of public funds by any person or entity."

The high Nassif MP had called on 02.12.2015 and 03.04.2015 and 07.08.2015 the formation of committees to investigate the issue of the acquisition of some of the bodies on the property and state property.
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