Let the trucks parked in Nukhayb Login and go to the rest of the provinces

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Security forces allowed, on Saturday, for trucks stalled in Nikhaib Login and go to the rest of the provinces after converting alternative cargo trucks.

The head of the investment and the Iraqi Reconstruction Development Center Ibrahim al-Baghdadi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "after continuous contacts and urgent efforts by our center with the Office of the Prime Minister and the leadership of operations Euphrates East has been reached to resolve the problem stopped hundreds of trucks that entered the offense after the end of the prescribed period the entry of border crossing points, "stressing that" it was agreed that the entry of goods after conversion alternative truck. "

Baghdadi called on traders who have parked trucks in Nikhaib to "Send an alternative trucks to convert goods to other cars," praising "the cooperation of the Office of the Prime Minister and operations of the Middle Euphrates."

The 4000 truck drivers, appealed in (12 August 2015), Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi allowing them to enter Baghdad, while underlining these drivers that they are stuck in the control Alskar Nukhayb since the days of hand.