Deputy Kurdish: United Nations form a committee to detect those who equip "Daash" chemotherapy

Khandan - MP Princess Zangana member of the Kurdistan Alliance announced the province of Kirkuk, said the United Nations responded to the request made by through the media a few days ago when the United Nations called for the formation of an investigative committee to detect those who equip the organization "Daash" terrorist chemical weapons, asserting decided the Secretary-General of the United United Ban Ki-moon to form an investigative committee to identify those who equip the organization "Daash" terrorist internationally banned chemical weapons.

The MP Princess Zangana in a statement, "Khandan" received a copy of "This decision is very important in detecting those who provide Daash chemical weapons used against the Peshmerga forces fighting in the largest Daash fronts near the strongholds of the terrorist organization in the province of Nineveh."

Zangana stressed that "this decision will have a significant role in the imposition of international sanctions against these entities and to bring them to international courts," the telltale that "the silence on the possession of Daash of these chemical weapons poses the region and the world at risk."

Zangana and renewed its demand "for the countries of the world to provide more military and technical and logistical support to the Peshmerga forces and the Kurdistan region to counter the threat of this dangerous organization in the region and the entire world."

And demanded Zangana in a statement a week ago "after being officially proven use regulation Daash terrorist chemical weapons against the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, I call on the United Nations to send an international team to investigate the use of these internationally banned weapons and the imposition of international sanctions on this well-known countries that facilitated the terrorist get Daash on chemical ".

Zangana warned that the organization "Daash" terrorist resorted to the "use of chemical weapons after the heavy losses incurred by the Peshmerga forces fighting with courage and ferocity of the defense of modest means the limits and the people of the region and prompted thousands of martyrs and wounded in this global war against terrorism."

And Zangana warned "change of tactic Daash for his attacks after using chemical weapons against the Peshmerga forces," asking "the international coalition processing of the Peshmerga forces with weapons to counter these internationally banned weapons."