Deputy: I invite Abadi to not rely on legal only for the investigation to capture the state property

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 29 / August: called deputy in the Iraqi parliament, on Saturday, the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to rely on the experts and specialists within the committees formed to investigate the sale and rental and ownership properties the state and not to rely on legal them, only. High Nassif said in a statement received / Iraq Press / copy of it, that "the issue of Prime Minister directives form a legal specialized committees to review the sale and rental and ownership properties the state acquired some quarters, a step been so eagerly awaited after that we have applied in the House of Representatives includes the signatures of a number Representatives for the purpose of opening this file, but the Council has slowed in the subject. " She Nassif hope, that "be a committee that would investigate this case different from the rest of the committees where they will achieve real achievements in this file is important," calling to "rely on relevant experts in this field advise, not just relying on legal only".
She said in her statement to the conclusion, that "the state will ensure the restoration of real estate funds and property re-Iraqi people, who aspire to end all abuses of public funds by any person or entity."
It is said that the decision to investigate in capturing the Real Estate State and dispose of them unjustly since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and to this day, but is part of the reform package adopted by the Abadi after mass demonstrations that began in the capital Baghdad and the whole central and southern provinces, demand the prosecution of corrupt and spoilers who seized billions of dollars illegally and looted and its bounty wealth of Iraq and fled effects even topped the names of international flyers concerned Bamufsudain and corrupt on the one hand and the wealthy on the other hand, with most of them were penniless and poor before taking office, as promised demonstrators broke into the Green Zone, in case you do not specify a time limit for repairs within the next few accounting spoilers themselves away from combining government. A ended. H