Parliament Press Release - CLARIFICATION
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    Parliament Press Release - CLARIFICATION


    Evidence newspaper published in its edition on Thursday August 27, 2015 transferred a report on the newspaper (the Daily Mail Online) British throughput of some social networking sites and includes criticism of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
    At the time show that the report, which is being traded back to the date of publication 1 -11- 2010 and talking about the beginning of the formation of the previous parliament during the vacuum experienced by the political process during the formation of the previous government.

    We emphasize that the Iraqi Council of Representatives the time of publication of the report did not exercise his being not elected body after his presidency was the parliamentary committees are formed at the time but the Council when the election of the president in any 11-11-2010 after days of publication of the report in March its oversight role and the Legislative Council has voted to tens important laws and finished reading many of the laws in either the regulatory side, the Supreme Commission for Elections and the Minister of Youth and Sports questioned in addition to the tens.

    We call on the media to distance itself from providing free services to the enemies of Iraq by targeting the constitutional institutions and play a national role through the dissemination of news or correct and non-misleading reports

    The information department

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    Lightbulb Re: Parliament Press Release - CLARIFICATION

    Hillarous. They wouldn't have to clarify anything if they would take the time they spend on this diversion and IMPLEMENT instead
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