Iraq tops the "negative feelings" in the world for the second year List
Fri Aug 28 2015

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad issued Foundation (Gallup US), on Friday, a report for the index positive and negative for the world's peoples feelings according to a survey, in which 153 thousand people, and stressed that Iraq topped the list of the most "feelings negative" from among 148 countries around the world, followed by Iran and Colombia, as pointed out that the South American countries topped more emotions positive list. The Foundation (Gallup US) in its latest report to the index positive and negative feelings for the peoples of the world by the 2015 "The report came in accordance with the outcome of the poll feelings of positive citizens and negative by interviewing 153 thousand adults in 148 countries around the world, and ask questions to them regarding the course of their daily lives and how they feel interest responsible health aspect and services to their community and the rate of overall standard of living and personal freedom. "The report added," The 70% of those polled around the world expressed a positive feeling the stability of their lives and their sense of happiness and respect came Paraguay from Latin America in the lead scoring 89 points, followed by Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala. "The report, that" the index showed that 30% of those polled expressed their worry and frustration, "noting that "Three out of every ten people around the world expressed their feelings of anxiety and unhappiness." The report emphasized that "Iraq topped the list of negative emotions scoring 56 points, followed by Iran, Colombia and South Sudan, as befell Uzbekistan minimum level of emotion negative with 12 points," pointing out that " Iraq and Iran Dominate the highest negative sentiment indicators for the second consecutive year. " The report promised, "issued Iraq and Iran to the list of negative emotions it is surprising taking into account the situation of the two countries and on the level of living of the population and health problems from which they suffer", noting that "most Iraqis those polled expressed their worry and physical harm, sadness and frustration, with over half of them felt angry.

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