Parliamentary Energy: agreement on the preparation of a proposed law for oil and gas

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Zaher al-Abadi, the Committee decided to send a formal letter to the Council of Ministers over the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of the statement the official position of the draft oil and gas law, otherwise the Commission will go to prepare a proposed law for oil and gas . He explained Abadi's (IMN) that "the members of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary agreed to send an official letter to the government to inquire on the date of completion of preparation of the draft oil and gas law and send it to the House for its own legislation."
He added that "in a month if there is no answer or a bill, the members of the Committee in accordance with the law will resort to the law to prepare a proposal for oil and gas and to move legislate procedures to resolve disputes over oil circle." And provided a close political agreement between participating in the government blocks on the government's commitment to political blocs - and within the established limits - consolidating the foundations of national unity and inspire the spirit of civil peace to move forward a draft national reconciliation, and complete the requirements for a law of amnesty, and to bring accountability and justice law to justice, as well as law oil and gas and the law of parties.
Since the adoption of the Iraqi constitution, such as oil and gas law, the most prominent outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil were unable to former House and present to find consensus on a common formula for the oil and gas law.
From: Haider al-Tamimi, editor: Ali Al-Shammari