BGG: Reforms launched by al-Abadi today a clear signal of the seriousness of reforms

BGG: BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – said MP from the Civic Democratic Alliance Sunrise Alabegi that the reforms launched by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Friday, is a big step and real achievement for him, and gave a positive signal to the protesters in seriousness in reform and to move the process of anti-corruption and the corrupt who have looted the bounties of Iraq…

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BGG: For the boo-birds and naysayers - the reforms are real and MOVING...
BGG: (P.S. - two huge movers in the market - Smith&Wesson and Ruger - Hmmmm) very curious...
BGG: video games did well too

BGG: Parliamentary Finance recognizes public prosecutors corrupted files money laundering and converting currency abroad

BGG: Follow-up - and babysit -declared a member of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh applicable, for delivery to the committee the public prosecution and the judge corrupted files related to money laundering and money laundering converting currency abroad. He said in effect, in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit), a copy of "A meeting was held in the Finance Committee with the chief prosecutor and judge of money laundering in order to discuss the issue of the Iraqi currency converter to neighboring countries, including (Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey)." He pointed to "hand over the chief prosecutor and the judge corrupted files money laundering related to money laundering and convert currency outside Iraq crooked ways." And he demanded the prosecution of the perpetrators in force in this process and bring them to spend to receive their just punishment. "...

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BGG: Very encouraging they are moving ahead in running down the "bad actors" as it relates to their currency - that article is worth looking at carefully.


BGG: I don't think so - just the initial batch have been given the OK by Parliament...
BGG: which reminds me of an important issue...
BGG: there was a "local guru" pushing his point about "Maliki & others - not quite gone yet..." and they posted a particular article... their interpretation seemed to bolster the point...
BGG: However, just as a follow up - I grabbed the link. It wouldn't "auto-translate" so I copied the Arabic text and ran it thru a couple of translators...
BGG: I could not BELIEVE how far off the translation was VS. their interpretation - I just couldn't believe it...
BGG: I don't want to come off sounding arrogant - or condescending... I am just in shock...
BGG: how can they be THAT FAR OFF????
BGG: I get this thing can be tough to understand...
BGG: but that is tough to swallow... then I started trying to make sense of it - it was making my head hurts so I deleted it all
BGG: the real gist of the article was Mutlaq and Allawi had a big "to-do" in one of their offices and "agreed" their ouster might give way to more corruption, blah, blah, blah... whatever. They JUST GOT FIRED. Of course they agreed it is somehow not good.
BGG: Most of that article had the feel of them trying to stay legitimate and in the news.
BGG: but my take is - they are gone....

_firefly_ BGG: The Monetary reform IS moving forward. Monetary reforms ARE a way of life!

BGG: they were corrupt. I said long ago there would be some high ranking Sunni's dinged in this sweep... those taking bribes from Maliki. He either just paid - or tried to pay Chalibi 20 million.

slh5282: Has the laws that were in the first reading been like the investment law and the money law been sent for second reading and do you think these will be passed in the next week or so?

BGG: I thought the ML law was read once and some speculation is the Investment Law will kick off Monday or shortly there after (reportedly)
BGG: I think they will go pretty quick - that sounds right.

slh5282: Oh OK, so if the ML law had one reading what is the time frame for those for second reading, is there a specific time frame they follow ?

BGG: Probably quick - the WB/IMF only gave them until Oct 1?? Right?? I doubt they let it boil down to the last minute.

slh5282: and do they still have to be published in the gazette to be law in its final state?

BGG: Abadi is clearly reacting.
BGG: of course - but with the obstructionists gone - the gazette will again be a formality - not a hurdle.

BGG: Though this is a Friday and news is normally a little slower - there are still some nuggets out there.


BGG: Thousands flock to Tahrir Square in Baghdad

BGG: Brother - Baghdad - The influx of thousands of citizens and activists, on Friday, on Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to participate in the demonstrations, which are scheduled to be launched this afternoon, while security forces imposed strict measures around the square and nearby areas.

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BGG: These protests were the final ingredient to get these major changes kicked off - and they appear to be continuing until real change is in place...

BGG: there was a good article out yesterday that protesters were demanding the PoR remove Mahmoud (the crooked SJC Chair)...

BGG: One of the things Iraqis want is to be judged (and have their leaders judged) fairly.

BGG: So - it's Friday and protests continue...

BGG: Hakim al-Jubouri and stress the importance of speeding up the implementation of reforms and meeting the demands of the demonstrators

_firefly_: Ministers ‘to be Tried for Corruption’
By Editor on August 22, 2015 in Politics, Security By John Lee.
The Iraqi Commission of Integrity has announced that over 2,000 people, are to face trial for corruption.
According to a report from BasNews, this number includes 13 government ministers. At a press conference in Baghdad on Thursday, the Head of the Commission, Hassan al-Yassiri declared that in support of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s reform package, they have so far investigated 2,000 cases of corruption.

BGG: of the official institutions in this regard. " End

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BGG: Rather than getting tangled up in obscure references to "various parties" - take a look at this - TWO MAJOR POWER PLAYERS urging for reforms to be completed. That is the "meat and potatoes"!!
BGG: Hakim and Jubouri - working on reforms... (and likely Hakim just making sure Jubouri gets the picture - move this stuff thru Parliament ASAP).

Holly1: I have someting on Maliki . don't know if you have seen it .. may I bring it in ? before my computer kicks me again?

BGG: Please do.

Holly1: State of Law coalition will meet tomorrow to discuss the return of al-Maliki to parliament History of edits:: And on the resignation of Attorney Hassan Sinead, from the membership of the House of Representatives, al-Maliki said explained, "MP Sinead poked him by a comprehensive Alkhia one of the members of the state law, which is the biggest loser on the list, was stabbed in the membership of Sinead health, considering that his highest number of votes." He added that "Sinead submitted resignation in the House of Representatives, but submit his resignation submitted to the Parliament and Sinead exists in the Council today and the theme is not settled yet, "he said." We have in the fifth paragraph on the agenda today under consideration of appeals filed on the membership of some of Representatives health, including Sinead. "The MP for the coalition State law presented today, his resignation from the membership of the House of Representatives. It is said that Sinead, who have not won in the last parliamentary elections in 2014 has held the seat parliament as a substitute for former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who was named vice-president in the current government. It is likely that the resignation of Sinead be a prelude to restore parliamentary seat to Maliki after limbering included government office in addition to the pursuit of obtaining the legal immunity as deputy charged after him in the fall of the city of Mosul, according to the report of the special parliamentary committee to investigate the events and transmit the report to Alqdhae.anthy 2

Holly1: http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/n...?storyid=13689

Holly1: I don't see a date ... sooooo if this is a old article or not

BGG: The SLC can discuss all they want about "bringing Maliki back" which is a weak immunity tactic. Such a move has several hurdles to clear, one is some kind of administrative OK, then Parliament could (and likely would) vote to "raise" his immunity and have him prosecuted anyway and I think there was at least one other issue they would have to clear - I forget...
BGG: it was only a couple of days ago...

BGG: not to mention the "hot pursuit" of all things corrupt right now and the likely hood Maliki is paying big money for this seat...
BGG: the people get wind Maliki bought a seat in Parliament - that won't go over well.

thomas1: not to be self center but i am really having some heart problem if you guy could pray for me also bgg do you think this go in oct 2015 without some rv or adjustment for the better

BGG: This could easily go thru OCT. Will it?? Hard to say... I am very hopeful with all the reforms being enacted.

Mrs BGG: Heavenly Father, we pray for Thomas that is having heart problems, we stand on the Word of God, By His stripes we our healed. We pray that you will continue to give him wisdom. In Jesus Name, Amen.


RickeyT: thru Oct? What about the sept 29th deadline from the IMF?

BGG: that deadline was relative to their AML Law and procedures - with Maliki out of the picture (by then) and the laws in place it should open the door wide for MR - but that isn't an RV deadline.

RickeyT: so the sept 29th was just noise?

BGG: No - it was a deadline to get an Anti-Money Laundering Law in place... and was a "veiled threat" pointed directly at Maliki (politically speaking). They were stealing major wealth - it has been having an impact. One way or the other it was going to get handled.

RickeyT: this is why people get frustrated, we keep hearing "they have to" and reality they don't have to do anything, a lot were led to believe otherwise

BGG: Well - by association - the chain of events opens the door wide to an RV - BUT IT ISN'T - NOR WAS IT AN DIRECT ASSURANCE of such. It was pretty plain what they said.

larrykn: BGG sorry anything they say is never plain lol

BGG: AML in place, Maliki out, major obstruction removed, Iraq still needs currency / Monetary reform - they can do it as they see fit now, without the constraints of Iran's henchmen throwing a wrench in the works whenever the issue gets raised.
BGG: are you gonna' make me go look it up for you - chapter and verse
BGG: OK - last article...

BGG: Jaafari: Restore the money looted by the parties provide a two-year budget ..!

BGG: Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity student Jaafari, on Thursday, that all the heads of political blocs in the previous session and stood against legislation Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables, among that the Commission is determined to recover funds Real Estate "looted parties" illegally being equivalent to two-year budget....

BGG: so they are saying the looted money is equal to 2 YEARS BUDGETS?? Now that is a move towards honesty...

BGG: the last time that fatso Zebari was jabbering about this - he said it was "at least 25 billion" - I almost snorted some Mt Dew when I read that...
BGG: I can only presume he's either woefully uninformed or in on it...

BGG: 2 years budgets would be in the 200 billion USD range - still a "light estimate" but headed the right direction... stunning they are willing to admit the scope of their corruption...
BGG: you know what they say. Admitting it is half the battle - "Admit it - then quit it"...

BGG: Jaafari said that "there are people who came out of nowhere in 2003 and between overnight become competing traders and contractors," explaining that "in the previous session to stop the heads of all the blocks, without exception, any one against legislation Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables strict controls that we have set."

BGG: They are questioning "these competing contractors" and "heads of blocs" (no one is exempt) along the lines of Abadi's "where did you get this" commentary. The pursuit of all things corrupt.
BGG: It's about time..

jd: Do you think that Iran was holding up the RV all along

BGG: I think they had some hand in it for sure... and very likely yes...

BGG: Thanks for tuning in - we'll continue bringing Dinar News, Dinar commentary and Dinar Info as we are able. Don't miss Millionday during News Time this evening!!

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