Abadi decide to raise the fortifications of the Green Zone in front of all Iraqis


Prime Minister to form a legal order for the specialized committees to review the sale and rental of real estate ownership and the state of any party, and the repatriation of funds looted in various ways.

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The normalization of life in the region relieves traffic congestion

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Prime Minister issued Haider al-Abadi directives of the security forces to make arrangements allow open the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, which includes key government buildings and embassies to citizens, according to his office announced Friday.
Abadi also announced his intention to open the main streets closed by the personalities and parties, in a new step comes as part of measures to fight corruption and improve government services began to apply it during the last period, after massive popular demonstrations, and support top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Ebadi said, "We have issued orders to the band for the Baghdad Operations Command and establish the necessary to open the Green Zone arrangements in front of the citizens", according to a statement on its website. The Green Zone in central Baghdad, the areas most heavily guarded in the capital, which includes key government buildings Kriash Republic and the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, in addition to the homes of officials and prominent politicians.
It also includes the area, one of the finest in Baghdad and luxury features its buildings and streets of the broad, international United Nations headquarters and the embassies of major countries as a building, most notably the United States and the United Kingdom.
And can not enter the Green Zone, except for employees and residents, or Altsalin vacations private entry.
The area is surrounded by a fence and a concrete point guard, and requires access to it crossing a series of checkpoints. As published in the inside tanks and armored vehicles, and shall protect Iraqi special forces.
In the era of former president Saddam Hussein, it was the Green Zone includes the presidential palaces and the headquarters of the establishment of a number of the most prominent pillars of the regime.However, in that time, the roads are open to vehicles.
After the fall of the regime following the US-led invasion in 2003, many of these palaces turned into the headquarters of US forces, and later set up the headquarters of the political class.
Furthermore, Abadi ordered security forces in Baghdad and the provinces "to open the main streets closed by the figures and parties and influential and sub."
And impose security measures in Baghdad and protect the homes of officials and the headquarters of political parties and state departments, many of which are outside the Green Zone, close the main streets and a subsidiary, which contributes to the increased traffic jams that most of the day continues, and held the movement of Iraqis in their cars.
It also ordered Abadi Friday, "the formation of a legal specialized committees to review the sale and rental and ownership properties state in Baghdad and the provinces in the previous phase of any party, and return the money seized outside legal contexts to the state and restore the money which the unfairness of the evaluation."
And managed a number of politicians from the acquisition of the former palaces of Saddam Hussein or high-value homes, free of charge or at nominal prices.
The government approved on August 9 / August measures to combat corruption and improve public services, after weeks of demonstrations, and to invite top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Abadi to be more aggressive against corruption.
Parliament approved the package after two days, accompanied by it of additional procedures.
In spite of the support of al-Sistani and popular demands, analysts say that any radical change in Iraq would be difficult because of the nature of the deep-rooted corruption and political parties take advantage of it, in addition to the complexities of the political and religious situation.