Follow-up / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) hosts Beirut starting from the 15th of next September, the activities of Iraq Banking Forum, which takes place at the Hotel Phoenicia Lebanese capital with the participation of banking Iraqi, Lebanese and wide in three sessions banking and electronic payment as the "mobile" In the area of ​​banking e. And it will participate in the forum, also the monetary authority in the two countries, represented by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Ismail Keywords and Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh and the participation of regulatory agencies and officials involved in all of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Bank of Lebanon. And it acquires the forum, organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and a group of Economics and Business in cooperation with the Central Bank of Lebanon, particularly important for the two sides Iraq or Lebanon, both from the banking sector and in particular the Lebanese banks operating in Iraq, or of businessmen and investors who deal frequently with the Iraqi market and in various sectors.
The agenda includes a discussion forum banking in intensive working sessions, which will provide a presentation of the latest developments in the Iraqi economy as well as developments macroscales banking developments and plans of the Iraqi Central Bank to promote financial reality.
There will be a private Lebanese banks operating in the Iraq experience, and trading in the views of these banks and the challenges they face, as well as opportunities in the light of the orientations of the Iraqi government through the adoption banking system session. In addition to bilateral meetings between the closed-Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the executive heads of the Lebanese banks operating in Iraq.
The second day was devoted to the Forum Iraq banking three sessions dealing with banking and electronic payment with mobile, particularly after the approval of the Iraqi government banking system and the law of electronic signature, which provides ample opportunities for cooperation of the Iraqi - Lebanese in the field of electronic banking and the opportunities for IT companies which are active in the field of software and solutions .
Complementing the discussions the second day following the Forum works where is being held over two days in the (17 and 18 September / September) specialized workshops in the field of technology and information security issues of infrastructure for banks, and the participation of Iraqi private banks and the Central Bank of Iraq. Workshops include digital banking Journey addresses, e-banking operations management, digital security and banking.
Open: Mohammed Nasser