Parliamentary Integrity is seeking to recover the properties "looted parties"

August: Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity student Jaafari, on Thursday, that all the heads of political blocs in the previous session and stood against legislation Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables, among that the Commission is determined to recover funds Real Estate "looted parties "illegally being equivalent to two-year budget. The Vice-Chairman of the Committee called for al-Jaafari said in a statement reported L / Iraq Press / Friday," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was able, from the hit Iron Dome, which is abhorrent quotas covering spoilers ", referring to the "There is no desire on the part of the political blocs to lift protection for these spoilers but that of standing in front of people stream becomes the prey in the elections." Jaafari added that "there are people who came out of nowhere in 2003 and between overnight become competing traders and contractors," explaining that "in the previous session stop the heads of all the blocks, without exception, any one against legislation Integrity Commission Act and the disclosure of financial receivables strict controls that we have set. "and between Jaafari that" reforms packages shook thrones and Mamluks of corruption and reforms only feelers to users and owners of graft and Abadi will spend the full force "pointing out that" one of the solutions and sources of funding for the country is recovering Iraqi funds of real estate that were looted by the parties illegally and which are equivalent to two-year budget if we can bring her back, ".anthy (1