The narrator announces the agreement with the trade for the delivery of "ration" of Inbar

Twilight News / confirmed governor of Anbar province Suhaib al-Rawi Friday he agreed with the Minister of Trade Abdul Karim Mlas delivery of the ration card items to the people of the province and the liberated areas.

The narrator said in a statement that he "met with the Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim in Baghdad, yesterday, and discussed with him the delivery of the ration card items and flour to the liberated areas and the people of Anbar province," noting that he "agreed with the Minister of Trade to clear mechanisms in coordination with the Joint Special Operations Command and leadership Anbar operations, need to deliver the people of Anbar quota of ration and food generally vocabulary. "

And the price of the narrator, "the ministry's efforts, despite the difficulty of delivering food to Anbar, because of fighting in the province." Pointing to "seek to maintain coordination with the security forces to secure the arrival of food and flour."

He stressed the minister, "the ministry has sought all available efforts to secure the people of Anbar need of food and in coordination with the security forces."