The governor of Muthanna announces his resignation

Alsumaria News / Al-Muthanna - Said the governor of Muthanna Ibrahim Mayali, Friday, about his resignation from his post, and said he "can not proceed with obstructive partner."

Said Mayali at a news conference attended by, Sumerian News, "today announced my resignation as governor of Muthanna in front of people of the province and the Iraqi people, with confirmatory of all, I came out of the office and did not enriched by public money was the shortest in the national and my duties I was not a spoiler on the day of days," he said, adding "inability to work with obstructive partner."

He Mayali "We got to the stage we can not work it out and make real reforms," ​​adding that "accuse us of failing and directs us fingered, he has to submit evidence and arguments on the validity of his claim."

Mayali He continued that "the province of Muthanna First of all interests and the people of the province above all other considerations, and the first to sacrifice for them and I am the first sacrifices," calling conservative officials to "take responsibility and save Secretariat put hand in hand and hit the spoilers capital through regulatory state institutions".

It is said that dozens of residents of hand Darraji in Muthanna province demonstrated on Sunday (August 16, 2015) in front of the hand-Darraji to demand the resignation of the governor of Muthanna.