Parliamentary Integrity: we will vote to change some of the inspectors general next Sunday

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mona Ghorabi said that the committee will vote on the change of the number of inspectors general incompetent on Sunday, as reported excluding others during the voting session.

It's Ghorabi (IMN) that "there are 33 inspectors ordered a public committee settled on the exercise of their work in the ministries entrusted to them", refusing to disclose the names of the excluded until they vote next Sunday. "

She continued that "the Commission will raise the special inspectors who Stqilhm a report to the Presidency of the Parliament to take official actions," pointing out that "most of the inspectors were excluded due to Thawnehm with corruption and complicit with the ministers in the fight against corrupt files and retrieve the money wasted."

The parliamentary finance committee and confirmed last month that most of the offices of inspectors general in the ministries impede recovery of funds from corrupt, pointing out that during the formation of the new government are not recover the money wasted and investigate corruption contracts that have been monitored.