Formation of a committee to restructure the Ministry of Culture for the implementation of the merger and restructuring decision

Based on what is stated in Diwani No. command (312) for the year 2015, issued under the directives of the Prime Minister, included the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to take the necessary formation of the special restructuring ministries and committees in the light of the merger decision and choose what you need the ministry of compact ministry staff and treatment put the remaining proposal submitted to the Prime Minister, a committee was formed, headed by Director General of the Department of affairs of citizens and public relations at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Mohammed Taher al-Tamimi, and membership of a number of general managers in the Ministries of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities (compact), holds the restructuring of the Ministry of Culture in the light the aforementioned resolution, and address the sagging compact formations in the ministry and develop appropriate solutions, to provide suggestions and recommendations about the needs of the ministry of staff to the Office of the Prime Minister.
This comes confirmation of what issued from the Information Office of the Prime Minister, that the abolition of some ministries or merge does not affect the right of Position guaranteed, and will not lead to layoffs except for special grades which would be eliminated with the merged ministries.