Economist: Kurdistan take its share price on the basis of rolling and not on the "budget price"

BAGHDAD / .. denied economic spokesman Antoine, an expert Wednesday, obtaining the Kurdistan region to share amounting to 17% of the budget on the basis of the price at which the old Kan approved the budget. Said Antoine's "Eye Iraq News", "The agreement between Baghdad and Kurdistan have been calculated on the basis of the share price in the market rolling," denying that "Asthsal the province its share price at which it approved its budget, a $ 56 per barrel." He said economic expert that "the region gave up the payment of the quota of 550 000 barrels, which passed in the agreement", adding that "the budget derived from several sources, including the share supplied by the province, and in the case of abandoning the region from the payment of the quota, the budget will disappear." Saw oil prices fell sharply, dropped the price of a barrel to $ 40, while the approved budget on the basis of a price of $ 56, as picked up by local media news that the Territory is still taking its share amounting to 17% of the budget on the basis of price Alkadim.anthy / 8