Kurdistan: we will allocate $ 100 million of oil revenue payments to companies

Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced the Ministry of Natural Resources in the province of Kurdistan, on Thursday, he will be allocated $ 100 million in oil revenues as payment for companies operating, while praised the contribution of the oil companies to raise oil export to the region. The ministry said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which he "will be allocated 75-100 million dollars of direct revenues from oil sales account for payments under the oil-exporting companies, "predicting that" is the start of regular payments to companies exporting oil in the first half of next September. " According to the ministry, "the Kurdistan Regional Government appreciates the contribution of the international oil companies and the success of this year, said in a lifting of the export of oil from Kurdistan to record levels in a challenging environment." Announced the head of the gas oil parliamentary Ares Abdullah, in (July 8, 2015), the Regional Government Kurdistan began exporting oil independently since the first of July of this, as he pointed to the pursuit of the House of Representatives to hold a meeting between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil.

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