Parliamentary Finance recognizes public prosecutors corrupted files money laundering and converting currency abroad

Follow-up - and babysit -declared a member of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh applicable, for delivery to the committee the public prosecution and the judge corrupted files related to money laundering and money laundering converting currency abroad. He said in effect, in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit), a copy of "A meeting was held in the Finance Committee with the chief prosecutor and judge of money laundering in order to discuss the issue of the Iraqi currency converter to neighboring countries, including (Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey)." He pointed to "hand over the chief prosecutor and the judge corrupted files money laundering related to money laundering and convert currency outside Iraq crooked ways." And he demanded the prosecution of the perpetrators in force in this process and bring them to spend to receive their just punishment. " The parliamentary Finance Committee, called for in the 21 of last June, during its special session held on 21 June last, in which the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq hosted an agency on the Keywords "the Iraqi Central Bank to use Bmedkqan criminal international to curb money laundering and follow-up operations."

The president of the Committee Ahmad Chalabi, a proposal to his committee the Iraqi Central Bank put controls in the fight against money laundering and to hold the perpetrators to reduce the high US dollar exchange rates.
Chalabi said that the Finance Committee "applauded edit currency with anti-laundering controls for financial aid also submitted proposals that the central bank takes measures with Banks worked with him the need for accountability of people or entities that it has evidence of organized crime, according to the powers of the governor and the bank."
The House of Representatives voted on 11 August of the current, the beams governmental and parliamentary reforms included a focus on open past and present and the fight against corruption files of corruption, in response to the directives of the Supreme religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators.