The Ministry of Finance in the province of Kurdistan declares distribution Payroll By

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Roudao - Arbil, announced the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Wednesday, for the Kurdistan salaries distribution table, for the month of June. The ministry said in its schedule that Roudao network media received a copy of it, it will start on Thursday, the distribution of the leadership of the Peshmerga Zervana salaries (Elite) followed by 16 one hand and the other institution. those who receive salaries Thursday (27/08/2015) are:1. Zervana Peshmerga leadership. 2. emergency forces. those who receive salaries Sunday (08/30/2015) are: 1. The Ministry of Planning. 2. Ministry of Justice. 3. The Ministry of Construction. 4. Department of Trade and Industry. 5. The Ministry of Transport. 6. The Ministry of Culture. 7. The Ministry of Finance and Economy. 8. The Ministry of Natural Resources. 9. Investment Authority. 10. Office of Financial Supervision. 11 - Integrity Commission. 12. Human Rights Commission.13. body Kurdish areas outside the provincial administration. 14. Foundation raise mine. 15. Department of Environment.