Parliamentary Finance received money laundering for the prosecution files, and demanded the prosecution of those involved

Baghdad scales News
MP for the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh applicable, on Thursday, handing the public prosecution and the judge money laundering corrupted files pertaining to the currency conversion process to neighboring countries, called for the prosecution of those involved in this process and bring them to justice.
He said in effect, a member of the mass of the citizen, in a statement / balance of News / received a copy of it, he was "a meeting was held in the Finance Committee with the chief prosecutor and a judge of money laundering in order to discuss the issue of the Iraqi currency converter to neighboring countries, including Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and Turkey." He said in effect, "it was handing the chief prosecutor and the judge money corrupted files related to money laundering and convert currency outside Iraq crooked ways, the process of washing," and urged to "the need to prosecute the perpetrators of this process and bring them to spend to receive their just punishment." And money laundering "is the recycling of funds generated by illegal actions in the areas of investment channels and legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds and look as if they had been generated from a legitimate source." 9%86