In Iraq .. officer threw roses on demonstrators was rewarded with the post of senior

Twilight News / ordered Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, Thursday, install the colonel threw roses on demonstrators Basra to command the regiment protect maintain operations.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement that al-Obeidi "received at noon today, a number of heroic fighters in Basra Operations Command, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry," indicating that "The minister paid tribute to the great humanitarian position that his body Fighters heroes as they protected the demonstrations in Basra, where he Colonel Karim Mohsen Obaid Shamar threw roses on the demonstrators as a concrete expression and a message of confidence and tranquility for the Iraqi people. "

She added that al-Obeidi, "also praised the group of fighters who embraced the demonstrators and offered various services to them in the body of a wonderful neighborhood cohesion between our armed forces and the Iraqi people a great spectacle."

The ministry pointed out that the "Minister of Defense, Colonel Shamar vineyard and is installing commanded to protect Basra Operations Regiment, also ordered the granting of the rank of the highest ranks in the army in appreciation for their efforts in protecting the people of Basra."

Obeidi stressed that "the army in the homeland and the citizen service, and it is the duty of the legal and constitutional responsibility will stand protector of the freedom of expression as long as within the limits of the constitutional and legal frameworks, and as long as pursuing sound mechanisms away from violence."

He added that "maintaining the security of the demonstrations is the duty of the armed forces as to maintain the property of citizens and shops and government departments is at the heart of the ethical and legal responsibility for us."